10 Aug 2019

More Selected Ambient Works

I've been on another big Aphex Twin binge. Maybe it's the nostalgia that's stirred by a birthday.

But rather than picking an album I've been going threw the fan-made mixes on YouTube of the SoundCloud dump. I've written previously on how I felt the 20+ hours of music that Richard D. James posted anonymously in 2015 was a bit daunting. Yet sonic explorers braver than I continue to sort and stitch together albums and mixes from this trove.

Before I come on to this week's listening though and my particular highlight, I'd like give thanks to Naked Flames for their Aphex Twin - Sleep Mix. Mainly made up of Selected Ambient Works Volume II, this exquisite music helped immensely during the long nights in the hospital around Frank's birth. I continue to return to it when I need to create some headspace.

While this Sleep Mix has been blocked on YouTube others featuring Autechre, Boards of Canada, and Oneohtrix Point Never are still available on Naked Flames' channel. Plus there's been a reupload of the Aphex Twin version to SoundCloud.

OK back to this week, so I've been headphones on and enjoying:

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Vol. 3 (2015) - user48736353001 compilation

Aphex Twin - Selected 2017 Works 

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Vol. 4 (2015) - user48736353001 compilation pt2

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 1.5

And as these mixes (with the exception of Selected 2017 Works) are made up of the user48736353001 and user18081971 SoundCloud dumps, they're very unlikely to be pulled for copyright infringement any time soon.

Rhubarb orc. 19.53 rev [unrev mono edit]

Finally, it's within that last mix that I found my particular highlight of the week. Well kinda. It's "Rhubarb Orchestral". Yet as Dommoson states on the accompanying Reddit thread the hard panning of the bass takes you away from the beauty of this orchestral version of Untitled 3 (Rhubarb) from SAWII.

But yet again those more dedicated than me have come up with the goods. Here's Aphex Twin - rhubarb orc. 19.53 rev [unrev mono edit] which sorts out the panning issue...

And lastly, I promise, here's a fun photo from Falmouth that was posted recently on Reddit...

Image credit: bungle-cream via Reddit

Top image: Screenshot from Macross Plus (1995!)

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28 Jul 2019

8 in 1

List time again lads...

Steve Lacy - Guide

Despite giving one of the dullest interviews I've ever heard on Benji B's show a few weeks back, this is mighty fine...

James T. Cotton - Infoline (DMX Krew Remix)

Spacey acid stuff yeah.

Floating Points - Coorabell 

B-side to LesAlpx, more driving heady techno mate.

Lone - Sea Of Tranquility

Did you know that this month marks the 50th anniversary of man going to the Moon? Did you?

Radioactive Man - Goodnight Morton

Stunning ambient work from your man Keith Tenniswood...

Cerrone - Love In C Minor

Filthy disco from the French don, as sampled by The Avalanches...

Lizzo - Tempo (feat. Missy Elliott)

Never change Missy, never change...

Bill Withers - Harlem

Stone cold, stone cold...

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Image Credit: NOAA Photo Library [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

27 Jul 2019

Top line-up for Homeless World Cup

The Homeless World Cup kicks off today (Saturday 27th July 2019) in Bute Park. The first game is Wales v Denmark at 12.30pm, yet it's tomorrow at 7pm which is really catching my attention. That's when the music stage strikes up, with Euros Childs headlining... and it's free, all free!

The week's music schedule is...

More details on the entertainment, including the debate tent, can be found right here. There's also a load of band profiles, and the fixtures list is updated daily.

It's a good cause and it's free entry, so get on down there. The Homeless World Cup is in Cardiff from July 27th to August 3rd.

16 Jul 2019

Blanck Mass Buzz

This month I had the pleasure of reviewing Blanck Mass's latest for Buzz...

Animated Violence Mild (Sacred Bones)

Blanck Mass by name Blanck Mass by nature. Album number four from Benjamin John Power, one half of Fuck Buttons, is big, bombastic, and bizarre. Swaying between sounding like the soundtrack to a Chilean wonderkid’s goals and tricks YouTube compilation (House Vs. House), fight music on a MMORPG (Love Is a Parasite), and the kind of stuff that pumps out of a Cyberdog stall at Download (Death Drop), Animated Violence Mild is utterly bonkers. Fun though if Screamo-EDM-Goth-Trance is your bag. SE

Blanck Mass - Animated Violence Mild is out August 16th on Sacred Bones.

15 Jul 2019

All 4 Amen

Plus One Loo decided to ditch Netflix a couple of months ago as we just weren't watching it. Don't worry we got it back in time for season three of Stranger Things. And they've got Neon Genesis Evangelion on there now, which is nice...

Anyway, during our Netflix-less days, I decided to go all-in on All 4 and I found some top stuff. None more so than my go-to Sunday morning chill TV that is Abandoned. Now stick with me, it's a show about a Canadian pro-skater called Rick McCrank who goes around weird abandoned places in North America. He talks to some local cranks and then has a... skateboard? Ride? Wheely time? I don't know what you call it.

I find it super relaxing and the cinematography is superb. Desolate malls, abandoned fishing villages, and poisoned lakes never looked so pretty.

The show's theme tune is Amen by Spacemen 3.

Get on it.

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