19 Apr 2019

Chelmsford on a Saturday... Brown Shoes!

Gold Panda returned last month under the same of DJ Jenifa and dropped a free album over on Bandcamp. Well, it's pay what you like but he's stuck ***Please Enter 0 in the amount box for free download*** on the page, so that's fair game innit.

Jag Trax is a tidy house album that's slotted right into the Celica's rotation. It's proper good driving music now that spring has sprung.

And top billing goes to album-opener Dresscode...

With its refrains of "White shirt. Blue jeans. Brown shoes." and "Chelmsford on a Saturday" Dresscode is a Jeans And Sheux anthem for the ages. Pure fire for your chariot.

Original Image: Morwen

1 Apr 2019

Thee Wreck Some Covers

As I chatted about last month, the playlist for the trip to Wales v Trinidad and Tobago in Wrexham was all covers. Here's my selection featuring The Slits, Señor Coconut, and Devo.

I would embed it, but I'm having a spot of bother with Spotify, mirroring my issue trying to find all the covers I wanted to put on the playlist. It ain't as universal as you think... maybe that's something for another blog.

I have one regret though, a track I didn't even think about when putting together my big ten bangers for Wrecsam. I was reminded of it during the post-squash isotonic ciders in The Brewhouse & Kitchen last Wednesday. Hot Chip's cover of Joy Division's Transmission came on the pub jukebox (or whatever they use to play music).

I used to hammer this and in another one of those lovely coincidences, it appeared on the podcast I made for my first blogpost here, 10 years ago.

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31 Mar 2019

10 Years = Fuuuuuuuuuuuck

When I was first asked to do a mix together for burningred I thought I'd put together the ten best things I've heard since starting this blog. Because last month CeefaxOfLife celebrated its 10th birthday. I've been doing this blog for 10 years. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck.

Anyway I ended up doing Memomix instead. When I drew up my top 10, I quickly clocked I didn't own most of it, so rather than shell out on music I love, I ripped some old tapes I recorded off the radio.

Still here's a YouTube Playlist of my top 10 if you want it all in one handy place. Or pick and choose below, it's in no particular order.

Telex - Moskow Diskow

Todd Terje - Inspector Norse

Amon Düül II - Mozambique

Danny Boy & The Serious Party Gods - Castro Boy

Eleven Pond - Watching Trees

SOPHIE - Lemonade

1010 Benja SL - Boofiness

Together - Together

A Number of Names - Sharevari

Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal

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30 Mar 2019

Memomix: Forgotten Broadcasts

I put Memomix together for my new job. It's all snippets from my 2002-03 tape collection. More details on the burningred blog.

Memomix tracklist:
Excerpts from...

  1. The Avalanches Mix for Radio 1's The Breezeblock - October 2001
  2. Danny C - Say Yeah
  3. Gilles Peterson's Brownswood Basement Special with DJ Shadow - August 2002
  4. DJ Marky from Homelands (May or June 2002)
  5. Mos Def - Creole
  6. MC Pitman - Phone Pitman 2
  7. Groove Armada's Mix for Radio 1's The Breezeblock - July 2002
  8. A Million Sons Mix for Radio 1's The Breezeblock into Golden Boy & Miss Kittin - Rippin Kittin
  9. DJ Shadow Mix for Radio 1's The Breezeblock - August 2002
  10. Squarepusher - Do You Know Squarepusher?
  11. The Soft Pink Truth - Make Up
  12. Iz & Diz - Mouth (Pepe Bradock Remix)
  13. Xper. XR - Nao Len Mien
  14. Dave Tyack & Malcolm Mooney - Rip Van Winkle
  15. A Millions Sons - Imagination into David Bowie & Philip Glass - Heroes (Aphex Twin Remix) via an intake of breath from Mary Anne Hobbs
  16. ?-? (Seriously, if anyone knows what this drum'n'bass track is please comment below) into Nas - Made You Look
  17. DJ Downfall Mix for Radio 1's The Breezeblock - March 2003
  18. DJ Yoda Mix for Radio 1's One World - April 2003
  19. Eric B & Rakim - Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em
  20. Matmos Mix for Radio 1's The Breezeblock - May 2003

16 Mar 2019

5 in 1 Again

Oh hi there. Here's five bits of music I've enjoyed over the last month or so.

Shlohmo - The End

Shlohmo did a top Essential Mix a few weeks back, but I found this on a recent Electronic Focus mix from BBC Sounds. Think the series is meant for 14 year olds studying for GCSEs but it's handy for the workplace too. Love the feel of this...

Busta Rhymes - Tear da Roof Off

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce.

Duster - Stratosphere

Holding my hands up on this one, I had no idea about this band. Not a lot of people did in the late 90s when Duster's debut came out. However, a lot of people are finding them now. Which is the gist of this article from The Ringer, and where I first heard about then. Space rock or post rock?

Miss Kittin & The Hacker - Flexibility

Zaltan ended his superb VF Mix 158 with this electroclash banger from 1999.

Orbital - Petrol

Caught BBC 6 Music's excellent documentary on video game music recently. It features this stark banger from Orbital, which was on the Wipeout 2097 soundtrack.

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Original Image: Frankee 67 [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons